AAALimoGroup.Limo,LLC Reviews

4-10-2017 - Dave, Thanks for picking us up at Casa Marina in Key West and bringing us to the Marathon Jet Center for our flight back to Holland, Mi., I appreciate the great service.

Jim R.

4-8-2017 - Your limo was the ultimate vehicle for our surprise Birthday party in Key West, thanks again for playing such an important part Dave.

Ashley R.

4-8-2017 - Thanks Dave for picking up our group at Ft. Lauderdale airport, the ride to Key West was fun and we totally relaxed in your limo, really appreciate the safe drive to start our vacation, thanks again Dave.

4-7-2017 - We had the greatest time in your limo, we got picked up in Marathon and on to Benihana's in Key West for Shenie's 9th birthday party. The limo ride was fantastic. Thanks so much Dave for the part you and your limo played, can't wait to go again.

Syndi B.

4-1-2017 - Thanks Dave for being on time and getting us to our dinner engagement at Little Palm Island Ferry on time, we really appreciate it.....good luck on your limo business.

Ken B.

3-19-2017 - Thank-you Dave for being on time with your limo to pick us up after the wedding and whisk us to Key West Airport to begin our honeymoon, good job!!!

Dawn H.

3-19-2017 - Thanks Dave for having our limo at Hawk's Cay right on time for our ride to Key West airport, great ride and great driver.

Bill H.

3-9-2017 - David did a fantastic job, the limo was in the right place at the correct time to pickup the bride and groom and bring them to Hawk's Cay for their honeymoon night complete with champagne. Thank-you David, you and your limo played a very important part of the day's events.

Carol B.

3-10-2017 - Dave the driver is very polite and very professional. I highly recommend this company for limo service. We have used him twice, and I would definitely use him again

Dugan B.

2-21-2017 - Dave with AAALimo was very professional, I highly recommend this company. Keep up the good work!

Chelsey S.

2-20-2017 - it was my birthday, this was the 2nd time we used Dave and his limo to Key West, had a great time, look forward to using Dave and his limo again

Sally F.

2-5-2017 - Dave picked us up at Hawk's Cay and brought us to Key West where we celebrated my friend's upcoming wedding. Thank-you Dave for taking such good care of us

Lisa P.

2-4-2017 - Our flight to Key West was canceled because of high winds and diverted to Marathon Airport, Dave picked us up and brought us to our boat in Key West. Dave your a good man, great driver, the best to you

Sal F.

2-3-2017 - Dave picked us at the Key West airport and after a brief sight-seeing tour of Key West on our way to our hotel. Thank-you Dave, you've got a great service

Matthew V.

1-27-2017 - Hey Dave thanks for your great service, really appreciated your fine driving and making a couple of un-planned stops. Wish you the best my friend

Justin H.

1-19-2017 - we had a great time as Dave drove us to Key Largo to celebrate with friends to celebrate my birthday. Thanks again Dave

Katy P.

1-18-2017 - for my wife's birthday we used Dave and his limo to go to Key West, dinner with family. Had a great time, Thanks for good memories Dave

James M.

1-6-2017 - couples night out to Key West. nice ride, cocktails and music, nice atmosphere...thanks Dave

Jerry K.

1-4-2017 - 5:00am pickup for transfer to Key West airport. limo right on time, great ride. great driver Dave

Joe L.

1-1-2017 - Dave picked us up at the Key West Westin right on time, great ride to Miami Int. Airport, accomodating us when asked to make 2 separate stops, great service, great guy Dave

Ken U.

12-31-2016 - it was our couples night out, great limo, great sound and light system. Thanks Dave

Frank G.

12-28-2016 - Thank-you Dave for the safe and great limo service. Dave took us to Higgs Beach, Key West where we were married today, Dave even ran the camera for us and recorded the entire wedding ceremony, then on to our wedding dinner at A&B lobster with friends. Thank-you Dave for the part you and your limo played in making our wedding and evening possible

Chuck G.

12-19-16 - It was a good time! Great driver! Merry Christmas!

Joanne F.

12-19-16 - We chose AAA Limousine to go to a concert, the driver was friendly and professional and arrived on time (even a bit early) to our location as well as to the other passengers we picked up. The limo was very clean and equipped with a sound system that accommodates an iPod so we could listen to our favorite music, and had some very cool lights. The service was second to none and we would definitely choose AAA Limousine again.

Debra V.S.

11-28-2016 - the limo arrived a few minutes early, which we appreciated as there was quite a bit of luggage and packages for the seven of us. We arrived at Key West airport with plenty of time to check in all our belongings. Thank-you Dave for the great service

Connie B.

11-26-2016 - our couples night out in Key West, we had cocktails and a fun time in the limo ride to Key West, nice lights and great sound system. Dave and limo were right there on time to pick us up for the ride home. Thanks Dave

Dana S.

11-19-2016 - Dave picked us up right on time, the limo was very clean and smelled good. We partied in Key West until the wee hours and appreciated our safe ride home again. We will certainly use Dave again

Nicky G.

9-8-16 - My experience with AAA limo was amazing! The driver was on time, professional, and on it! The sound system was to die for and the Limo itself was very clean and comfortable! I will most definitely be making AAA Limo my go to for all my event transportation needs. Thanks, AAA Limo!

Luanne P.

8-27-16 - Dave was excellent!! We had a great time, the limo was very nice. He showed up right on time and was very accommodating to us. I will definitely book again in the future!!

Melissa G.

8-24-16 - Dave was easy to work with and fast response time. He was extremely flexible and out going. Made it a great day.

Jaimie R.

8-15-16 - Being a business owner you worry about every little detail which is why I trust my executive transportation needs to Dave at AAA Limousine Service. They always arrive before the scheduled pick up time with a well-maintained vehicle. Both my customers and I always have nice things to say about their drivers and I've found them to be the best value when it comes to executive transportation. I highly recommend AAA Limousine!

Bill O.

8-8-16 - My dad arranged for AAA Limousine for my junior prom with my girl friends and words cannot describe how nice it was. We were able to hook up our music to play our songs with the limousine audio system as we jammed all around town. Our driver held the door for us at every stop and was always very nice. He dropped us off and picked us up on time right where we needed him to be. Thank you, AAA Limousine for making my prom special.

Chrissey O.

8-1-16 - Riding in a Limousine is all about having fun and making sure you are well taken care of and AAA Limousine does just that! Dave and his team have taken us to many football and basketball events and we always had a great time. They are wonderful drivers in busy traffic, always know the best places to park and get us in and out quickly. They took the worries and hassles out of going to busy ball games so we could just enjoy the game!

Tom N.