AAALimoGroup.Limo,LLC Reviews

1-5-19I had AAALimo pick us up at the Key West International Airport and bring us to our family reunion in Marathon 50 miles east of Key West, the ride was very nice in AAA's sedan and the return trip on January 5 was equally comfortable and the time passed quickly. We will be calling on AAALimo the next time we are in the Keys............thank-you Dave.

Brian and Michele K

01-02-18......Dave with AAALimo picked up right on time at the Key West Ambassador Hotel with his sedan, we were headed to the Miami Hilton Hotel. The drive was smooth and very comfortable.. Dave is a very good driver and in no time at all we were in Miami and then the Miami Hilton Hotel......great job Dave......thank-you

Bill and Ellen O

01-2-18I arranged for AAALimo to have a limo available for my tour group at Signature Airport. we were flying in from Boca Raton on January 2, 2019 to tour Key West. Dave had his driver Rich meet us at the airport and help us into the limo. The limo was spacious and very nice, the ladies appreciated the limo smelled good, not smoked in or the smell of alcohol. Rich showed us around Key West, and as he has been living in Key West for the past 26 years he knew where the points of interest were. We were in Key West for several hours before going back to Signature Airport and totally enjoyed our tour. I will be using AAALimo the next time I have a group that wants to tour Key West....thank-you Rich for your great service and thank-you Dave for your making us feel so welcome

Lin D

1-1-19– I scheduled AAALimo to pick us up at 1:00am after the Key West New Year's celebration at midnight.....Dave was right on time and the limo was very nice and the music system was really cool on the ride back to Marathon.....appreciate it Dave.....we will call on you again

Rick F

12-30-18– I had AAALimo pick my family and friends and take us to Tavern N' Town for dinner....and then tour around Key West...up and down Duval Street and then home again.....great a great price.....thanks Dave.....Happy New Years

Alex B.

12-29-18– our travel agent arranged for AAALimo to pick us up from Ocean Key Resort both the 28th and 29th to go to Hurricane Hole where we went wind-surfing both days.....Dave was our driver and was on time both days when picking us up and dropping us off at Ocean Key Resort.....nice sedan....clean and smelled good.....thanks've got a good business going there

Gunther and Claudia B

12-26-18.– I arranged for AAALimo to pick up myself and my friends at the Almond Tree Inn in Key West and drive us around Key West and up and down Duval Street before our dinner reservations at Latitudes on Sunset Key. Dave was our driver and did a great job showing us around Key West driving safely and showing us a wonderful time.....thanks Dave....your the best

Jeff A

11-17-18– we had AAALimo pick us up at our rental condo in Summerland Key and bring us to Key West for a Night on the Town....we had a blast on the way to Key West with the music blasting and a few drinks.....on the way back to our rental condo it was pretty quiet and we appreciated Dave's good driving, your the best Dave

Kristin A

11-10-18– Dave picked us up with his sedan at the Marker Hotel in Key West....great ride Dave....Dave is a very good driver and in no time at all we arrived at Fort. Lauderdale Airport....thank-you Dave...we will call on you again

Kevin J

11-3-18– AAAlimo picked us up from our Homecoming dinner at Tavern n' Town. We cruised around Key West and up and down Duval Street with the strobe lights on and music blasting as loud as possible, people were smiling and staring at us everywhere we went, it was awesome. Dave was great putting up with our wild and crazy behavior, all the other kids wished they could have been in the limo with us, thanks Dave.

Ashley S

10-31-18– we flew into Fort Lauderdale Airport, Dave was right there to meet us, on the way to Key West we stopped for lunch at Alabama Jack's in Key Largo.....and then on to the Casa Marina in Key West.....thanks Dave for a great safe ride, we appreciate it

Ann L

10-17-18– my wife and another couple arrived in Key West Airport to be greeted by Dave with AAALimo......upon learning it was my wife's birthday Dave began singing Happy Birthday to her in front of everybody.....she was smiling ear to ear....what a surprise......Dave loaded up our bags and gave us a great tour of Key West using Duval Street which is the main tourist traveled road to get to our hotel.......thanks Dave for helping make my wife's birthday more fun and memorable and for a great ride to our hotel

Sam G

10-16-18– My wife and I arrived at Key West Airport, Dave was there with a sign with our name on it, Dave greeted us and welcomed us to Key West, helped with our luggage and drove us to our hotel. The ride was nice, sedan was roomy and smelled good(a non-smoking vehicle)and soon we were at our hotel.......a few days later Dave was right on time and drove us back to the airport.....good price, great service, right on time and very've got a great business here Dave, keep up the good work.

Dennis F

10-11-18– My husband and his brother and wife arranged for AAAlimo to pick us up at the Key West Airport when we arrived last week, Dave was right there in the terminal holding up a tropical-themed sign with our name on it, after welcoming us to Key West he helped with our luggage and loaded it into the limo for us. After a short ride through Key West we arrived at our hotel, the ride was smooth and pleasant, we appreciated riding in a smoke-free limo. Upon our departure Dave was right on time to pick us up and bring us back to the airport. We would recommend AAALimo and Dave to anyone needing car service while in Key West, good job Dave

Lisa P

10-10-18– I work for a large limousine company in California and we had several executives going into Key West that needed transportation from the Key West Intl. Airport. The owner of AAALimo, Dave Vander Slik was amazing and handled all the trips flawlessly. The client's were very happy and they all told me the service was excellent. Highly recommend for anyone needing car service transportation in Key West to call on AAALimousine

Tom A

9-29-18 -our hotel concierge arranged for AAALimo to pickup our group and take us to the ferry that would bring us to Latitudes, an exclusive restaurant located on Sunset Key, a short ferry ride across the Key West harbor. AAALimo showed up right on time, the limo had just been washed and detailed, it smelled good and the a/c was working great. Dave drove Duvall Street, he had explained this was the most scenic route, and it was. Thanks Dave for the great ride and service.....I wish you the best for your limo service in Key West

John A

9-22-18 - I and several of my CPA associates reserved AAALimo to bring us to Key West for a night out in Key West. Dave with AAALimo showed up right on time and we piled into his limo. The limo was very clean and smelled good. We got the music playing and enjoyed the ride to Key West. After giving Dave a 45 minute notice that we were ready for pickup and ready to be brought back to our rental condo on Summerland Key Dave arrived right on time and off we went. Dave is a very good driver, the ride was smooth and a real luxury to experience. We all agreed we would recommend AAALimo to anyone looking for a limousine company in the Florida Keys, good job Dave, keep up the good work..

Robert W.

9-14-18 - As a reward for excellent sales achievements our company rewarded our top two sales people(and their spouses)to a weekend in Key West, Florida, all expenses paid. As part of that rewards trip I arranged for AAALimo to provide limousine transportation for this group. Our group was met at Key West airport by the limo driver holding a tropical foliage sign with their names on it, the driver greeted them to Key West and helped them with their luggage to the waiting limo. After a brief and very interesting ride they were at their hotel........a couple of days later the limousine picked them up at their hotel and brought them back to the airport......excellent service, professional driver, great rates......AAALimo will be used for all our future business conducted in Key West.......thanks Dave, your the best..................

Dennis S.

9-6-18 - I arranged to have AAALimo meet us upon arrival at Key West with a limousine to surprise my wife, as it was her birthday.......Dave was right there in the terminal as we entered with a tropical looking sign with our name on it and upon meeting and greeting us sang Happy Birthday to my wife, she was all smiles.......after loading up our luggage Dave gave us a short 20 minute tour of Key West on the way to our hotel......very nice....Dave is very personable and knowledgable about the island of Key West.....we certainly enjoyed the short tour......Thank-you Dave......we will recommend your limo and sedan service to others............

John M

9-2-18 - Our group of 8 arranged for AAAlimo to pick us up and bring us to Key West for a night of drag bingo......Dave arrived right on time and we really enjoyed his limo with it's great music and lights system as we partied our way to Key West knowing that we were in safe hands with Dave driving......after partying until the wee hours we called Dave and gave him our 45 minute notice that we were ready to be picked up.....Dave arrived right on time and in no time at all we were right back home safe and sound......thanks Dave for taking such care of us.....we will surely call you again.................

Krissy J

9-1-18 - I made arrangements for AAALimo to pick us up from the Key West International Airport upon our arrival.....Dave was in the terminal with a sign with our name on it in the terminal....Dave helped us with our luggage and in just a short time we were at our hotel, the Casa Marina.......Dave offered to take us on tour of the island by sedan which we declined........upon checkout a few days later Dave picked us up and brought us back to the airport.....I would recommend AAALimo and Dave to everyone looking for a dependable, personable and safe ride in Key West......your are one of the best Dave.......thank-you......

Dianna & Doug Dole

9-1-18 - We had a group of 8 that wanted to go to Key West for the evening to enjoy the Key West nightlife......Dave picked our group up right on time and we partied hard all the way to Key West with a really great lights and sound system...really cool......when we were ready to leave I gave Dave a 45 minute notice and sure enough Dave was right there within 45 minutes......we had a great, safe ride back home.....thank-you Dave for a safe and comfortable ride both ways......we will definitely call you again...................

Suzanna R.

9-1-18 - I asked the concierge at Casa Marina who I could get for a tour around Key West and he told us that AAALimo was one of the I called Dave with AAAlimo and we agreed upon a pickup time for our party of 4 ladies......Dave arrived right on time to pick us up and off we went to explore Key West by car.....Dave was very knowledgeable about the Key West area and we looked the entire island over on our own time at our own pace......Dave is a very good driver and the sedan we were in looked fine and smelled great(a non-smoking vehicle)....we really enjoyed our time with AAALimo and Dave and would recommend AAALimo and Dave to anyone looking for a great limo and sedan company to ride with......good luck with you business Dave...............

Donna E.

8-31-18 - We arranged for AAALimo to take our group of eight to Key West for the evening....Dave arrived right on time and we piled into his limo which looked great inside and soon we had the music blasting and in no time at all we were in Key west......after giving Dave a 45 minute notice to pick us up Dave was there and we enjoyed our limo ride back to our house......very nice limo with great lights and music system which made our trip to and from Key West seem like we were in our own private night club....will definitely use AAALimo again.....thanks Dave.................

Billy K.

7-22-18 - My husband Jerry, accidently got a piece of debris in his eye and had to be rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital Eye Clinic in Miami immediately....I called Dave and within 20 minutes he was there with a sedan and drove rather fast toward Miami.....Dave drove us right up to the front door and assisted the orderlies with helping my husband into EMERGENCY.....We are so thankful for the quick response from Dave and would recommend AAALimo & Sedan to everyone.....God Bless you Dave.......

Sandra and Jerry C.

7-20-18 - I arranged for AAALimo to pickup my daughter and her friends from their hotel in Ft. Lauderdale and bring them to Key West for their bachelorette weekend.....Dave was right on time for their pickup and my daughter and her friends felt safe and sound in Dave's limo....Dave did a great job in driving them to Key West with a few requested stops.....5 days later Dave picked my daughter and her friends up and brought them safely to the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport for their flight back home.....thank-you Dave for taking such good care of my daughter and her friends.....we would certainly recommend AAA to anyone looking for this type of service.....your a good man Dave!!!

Diane H.

7-13-18 - I reserved AAALimo out of Key West for our night out in Key West for myself and several of my it was our night out and as former cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys it didn't take too much time to get into a party mode....we enjoyed the limo sound system and limo strobe gave us a private nightclub atmosphere which we really enjoyed....I gave Dave the 45 minute notice for pickup and even though it was already 4:00am Dave was right there on time for our pickup.....thank-you Dave for a safe ride home....we will definitely use AAALimo again.

Heather A.

7-12-18 - I arranged for AAALimo for pickup of myself and my 5 buddies at Key West airport, when we landed and walked into the airport terminal Dave was right there with a colorful sign with my name on it....Dave helped with our luggage and we enjoyed the limo ride to our hotel.....thank-you Dave, we will use you again...

John B.

7-3-18 - I had AAALimo & Sedan pickup our party of 8 at 10:00am and they were here right on time.....we enjoyed our limo trip to Key West very much looking at all the sights and surrounding landscapes. We had a great time all day in Key West and when given our 45 minute notice for a pickup Dave was right there and back to our condo in Marathon, very nice limo with a very nice smooth cool ride.....Dave is a very good driver.....I would recommend AAALimo to anyone looking for limo and/or sedan service.....Good job Dave...

Terry H.

6-25-18 - We arranged for AAALimo to take us from Marathon to Key West for a night out.....AAALimo showed up right on time and after a great ride we arrived in Key West, after several hour of seeing everything Key West had to offer and having a great time, Dave showed up right on time to bring us home, great driver and a great ride.....will call AAALimo again...

James B.

6-22-2018 - I called Dave to tell him that our plans had changed at the last minute and we would not be needing his limo service, Dave was very understanding and said he hoped he could be of service to us in the future. I asked Dave about our payment and he said he would refund our payment immediately, and when I checked my credit card status it showed that he had refunded our payment promptly, I appreciated that as sometimes when far away from home we've had problems with refunds with other thanks for making our vacation a little more pleasant Dave..

Penny P.

6-16-2018 - Dave picked us up at our house in Key Colony Beach(Marathon) and drove us to Key West, the drive was smooth, the temperature in the limo was very pleasant and smelled good. After our visit to Key West Dave drove us back home, very nice comfortable ride.....will call on AAALimo again..............thanks Dave

Joe W.

6-12-2018 - Our wedding was aboard a yacht a little ways from the Marker Hotel where AAALimo picked us up for the drive to the marina......after the wedding Dave drove us around Key West and then to La-Te-Da Nightclub where we danced and had a great time celebrating our wedding......thanks Dave for the great service and recommending La-Te-Da to us......we wish you the best...............

Paulene L.

5-31-2018 - Dave with AAALimo met us at Miami International Airport right on time, we appreciated that. After several hours cramped in the airplane flying in from Seattle it felt good to stretch out in Dave's limo, Dave had the limo bar stocked as we had requested and in no time at all everything was ok with the world again. With a few stops we arrived at our hotel in Key West, the drive down was comfortable and pleasant, Dave is a very good driver. Five days later Dave picked us up and brought us back to Miami airport. I would recommend Dave and his AAALimo service to anybody looking for such a service, Dave is the best......thank-you again Dave.

Debra C.

5-29-2018 - We docked in Key West aboard the Norwegian Sun Cruise ship, Dave met us at the Key West Port and drove us to Smather's Beach for our wedding ceremony, we appreciated the air conditioning as it was a very hot day in Key West.....after the ceremony we were driven to the Commodore Steak House for our reception, and then back to the ship, all in all Dave treated us like royalty and we had a great time with AAALimo, would recommend them to anyone visiting Key West....................

Robin P.

5-27-2018 - Dave picked our group up in Duck Key and drove us to Key West for a night out.....Dave's limo is really nice with a great music system and light system.....our group had a great memorable time.....will do it again.....thanks Dave.............

Rebecca S.

5-19-2018 - We wanted to spend a night out in Key West and so I called AAALimo and talked with Dave, Dave arrived right on time and after a 45 minute ride in his limo we were in Key West, the trip to Key West was great with the sound system and strobe lighting along with the music blasting made for for a nightclub atmosphere, it was really cool......the trip home was equally fun.....Dave's limo is cool and so is Dave......we will use him again..............

Reggie H.

5-17-2018 - Dave with his limo picked me up at Key West International Airport, the limo was spacious and smelled good(no smokers in this limo), in an hour or so we arrived at Duck Key and home never looked so good. Thank-you Dave for a safe and pleasant trip from the airport to my home in Duck Key, I will use AAAlimo again............

Kelli Gibb.

4-28-2018 - We arrived at Ft. Lauderdale Airport to spend our 58th anniversary in Key West....I had arranged for AAALimo to pick us up at the Ft. Lauderale Airport and drive us to Key West....Dave from AAAlimo was right on time to pick us up...I really appreciated that as I had dreaded the thought of having to wait in the airport anymore than we had to....anyway Dave helped load our luggage and off we went....we stopped a couple of times for refreshments and to look at a couple of landmarks that we really wanted to see....Dave was very accomodating and several times answered our questions very well....we arrived in Key West at our hotel and Dave helped unload our luggage and after reviewing our return trip several days later to Ft. Lauderdale airport we said good-bye.....Dave is a great person to know in the limo and sedan business in Key wet......we will use AAALimo again.....

Frank and Marget B

4-20-2018 - I arranged for AAALimo to meet and greet my wife and I at Key West Airport for our vaca to Casa Marina resort in Key west.....Dave was there to greet us with a nice tropical looking sign with our name on it.....after helping with our luggage Dave drove us on a short tour of Key West and then on to our hotel.....Dave was right on time for our return trip by limo back to the airport and I assured Dave we would use AAALimo again the next time we come to Key West.....great service Dave, keep up the good work...............

Matt and Linda P

4-14-2018 - we arranged for AAALimo to pickup the groom and groomsmen and bring them to our wedding ceremony....and then after the ceremony take the bride and groom on a short tour of Key West and then to the Hemingway Home for our reception....Dave was our driver and did an exceptional job, right on time for each scheduled stop, his driving was very safe and pleasant to experience, the limo was very clean and the sound and lights system were really cool, speaking of cool the ac was really appreciated as it was a very hot day in Key West, several of our guests mentioned that they planned on using AAALimo the next time they will be in Key West...thanks Dave you did a great job

Deb and Mike L

4-9-2018 - We had a group of 7 total picked up at Key West International Airport by AAALimo. While it was a short ride to our hotel...Southernmost Hotel on Duval Street, it was very pleasant, the AC was very cold and we appreciated that as it was a very hot day in Key West. The return trip to the airport 6 days later was also very appreciated, Dave was on time and the ride back to the airport was smooth, we will definitely use Dave and his AAALimo service when we are back in Key West

Ed L

4-9-2018 - We used AAAlimo for our wedding in Key West....They were prompt and right on-time for our first pickup.....they knew where all of our stops(for pictures)were located and stayed right on schedule....with the last stop being at the Hemingway House for our reception....great job Dave....couldn't have done it without you.....Thank-you!!

John and Livia W

4-9-2018 - We arrived at Key West International Airport and Dave was right there in the terminal with a beautiful sign with our name on it, Dave helped with the bags and even had a backup vehicle right there as he guessed correctly that with 9 ladies and our luggage we would need a 2nd vehicle. the ride to our Hotel, Southernmost Hotel, went smooth and we were there in no time at all. The ride back to the airport 5 days later also went smoothly, and several of the ladies said that the next time they are in Key West they would definitely us AAALimo, Dave was the best.

Deborah B. L

4-9-2018 - AAALimo picked our group of 7 up from Ft. Lauderdale International Airport....Dave was right there as we left the baggage pickup area...and off to Key West we went....Dave had the bar stocked per our earlier request with champagne and soft drinks, all on ice......we had a great time looking at the passing scenery as we had never taken a limo ride from the airport to Key West by car before...we stopped in Marathon at the Sunset Grill and Raw Bar for lunch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the 7 Mile Bridge, beautiful scenery.....the limo was great for being able to stretch out and the sound system really rocked....thanks for a great limousine experience Dave.....we really appreciate it.

Frank and Marge F

4-8-2018 - AAALimo picked our group up right on time from Duck Key, Marathon.....the ride to Key West was great, the ride was very smooth, the music was great and Dave proved to be a very safe driver....we were all very happy.....after spending a few hours on Duvall Street we called Dave to let him know we were ready for pickup for our ride back to our condo....Dave was right on time again to pick us up and off to Duck Key....I don't remember the ride back as we were all sleeping after a night of partying on Duvall Street.....I would highly recommend Dave and his limo service....Dave was great to deal with and the limo was the nicest limo any of our group had ever seen or been in....thanks again Dave

Martin J

4-4-2018 - I arranged for AAALimo to provide transportation from Key West to the Square Grouper restaurant in Summerland Key for my friend's birthday party....we had a great time in the limo with drinks and music on the way to Square Grouper......after a great meal we headed off the Sugarloaf Tiki Bar where the party continued....Dave even came into the Tiki bar and announced to everyone there that it was my friend Patti's birthday and led all of us in singing Happy Birthday to Patti, she was blown away.....then off to Key West to cruise Duvall Street a couple of all made for a very memorable night....we definitely will use Dave and AAALimo again.

Sophia B

4-2-2018 - My wife and I arranged with Dave of AAALimo to pick us up at the Marker Hotel in Key West and bring us to the Riverside Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. Dave picked us up promptly on time, he even had Coke and bottled water on ice for us, much appreciated. We had never been in a limousine before and really enjoyed the smooth ride and being able to stretch out. Dave is a very good driver and soon had us in Ft. Lauderdale at the Riverside Hotel. We really enjoyed the ride and also enjoyed Dave's company as we traveled. I would recommend AAALimo to anyone making a short or long-distance trip, you've got a great business going here Dave, we wish you the very best

Bob and Linda B

3-24-2018 - My experience with AAALimousine was exactly what I was looking for in a transportation service. Our driver Dave was down for any of our requests to stop by the side of the road and grab "beverages". The service was great, and our group experienced no problems at all during our travel. Dave was extremely personable and he made the group laugh throughout our journey from the airport to our final destination in Marathon. I would definitely recommend this AAALimousine to anyone needing transportation in the Florida Keys.

Jackson Haught

3-18-2018 - On Feb.17th, me and 6 of my favorite friends celebrated my friend Sue's birthday. We had the most fabulous night renting AAA Limousine with Dave as our driver. He could not have been a better driver and host. We partied all the way from Key West to Square Grouper, where we enjoyed an amazing dinner...YES...YES...YES...we all agreed we would do it again!! I recommend this ride to everybody...It was a AAA experience!! Thanks Dave!!

Vicky W

3-16-2018 - This is the best limousine service that I have ever used. Very punctual and my compliments to Dave, our driver, very polite and helpful. anything we asked for or needed, he was right there. Our best wishes for the future.

Don & Paula Thurber

3-4-2018 - Dave was a very good river. He was personable and very accommodating...Dave provided a very memorable experience. Couldn't have asked for more....Dave went above and beyond to make our trip memorable...Thank-you Dave for an awesome ride! Smooth ride and very friendly...would recommend him/AAALimo every time...Dave was so funny, warm and friendly. We appreciate you very much.

Meghan McCauley

2-25-2018 - Thank-you for going above and beyond on our wedding day!!! Dealing with Dave was extremely simple and stress free. We used this service for the day of our wedding and it was top notch! He knew our schedule and was extremely professional & on time for all our pick ups and drop offs. I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking car service in the Key West area! Prices were very reasonable & service was all around a 10/10! We hope to be back in Key West in the very near future & will call Dave with AAALimo when we return!

Lauren and Joshua C.

4-10-2017 - Dave, Thanks for picking us up at Casa Marina in Key West and bringing us to the Marathon Jet Center for our flight back to Holland, Mi., I appreciate the great service.

Jim R.

4-8-2017 - Your limo was the ultimate vehicle for our surprise Birthday party in Key West, thanks again for playing such an important part Dave.

Ashley R.

4-8-2017 - Thanks Dave for picking up our group at Ft. Lauderdale airport, the ride to Key West was fun and we totally relaxed in your limo, really appreciate the safe drive to start our vacation, thanks again Dave.

4-7-2017 - We had the greatest time in your limo, we got picked up in Marathon and on to Benihana's in Key West for Shenie's 9th birthday party. The limo ride was fantastic. Thanks so much Dave for the part you and your limo played, can't wait to go again.

Syndi B.

4-1-2017 - Thanks Dave for being on time and getting us to our dinner engagement at Little Palm Island Ferry on time, we really appreciate it.....good luck on your limo business.

Ken B.

3-19-2017 - Thank-you Dave for being on time with your limo to pick us up after the wedding and whisk us to Key West Airport to begin our honeymoon, good job!!!

Dawn H.

3-19-2017 - Thanks Dave for having our limo at Hawk's Cay right on time for our ride to Key West airport, great ride and great driver.

Bill H.

3-9-2017 - David did a fantastic job, the limo was in the right place at the correct time to pickup the bride and groom and bring them to Hawk's Cay for their honeymoon night complete with champagne. Thank-you David, you and your limo played a very important part of the day's events.

Carol B.

3-10-2017 - Dave the driver is very polite and very professional. I highly recommend this company for limo service. We have used him twice, and I would definitely use him again

Dugan B.

2-21-2017 - Dave with AAALimo was very professional, I highly recommend this company. Keep up the good work!

Chelsey S.

2-20-2017 - it was my birthday, this was the 2nd time we used Dave and his limo to Key West, had a great time, look forward to using Dave and his limo again

Sally F.

2-5-2017 - Dave picked us up at Hawk's Cay and brought us to Key West where we celebrated my friend's upcoming wedding. Thank-you Dave for taking such good care of us

Lisa P.

2-4-2017 - Our flight to Key West was canceled because of high winds and diverted to Marathon Airport, Dave picked us up and brought us to our boat in Key West. Dave your a good man, great driver, the best to you

Sal F.

2-3-2017 - Dave picked us at the Key West airport and after a brief sight-seeing tour of Key West on our way to our hotel. Thank-you Dave, you've got a great service

Matthew V.

1-27-2017 - Hey Dave thanks for your great service, really appreciated your fine driving and making a couple of un-planned stops. Wish you the best my friend

Justin H.

1-19-2017 - we had a great time as Dave drove us to Key Largo to celebrate with friends to celebrate my birthday. Thanks again Dave

Katy P.

1-18-2017 - for my wife's birthday we used Dave and his limo to go to Key West, dinner with family. Had a great time, Thanks for good memories Dave

James M.

1-6-2017 - couples night out to Key West. nice ride, cocktails and music, nice atmosphere...thanks Dave

Jerry K.

1-4-2017 - 5:00am pickup for transfer to Key West airport. limo right on time, great ride. great driver Dave

Joe L.

1-1-2017 - Dave picked us up at the Key West Westin right on time, great ride to Miami Int. Airport, accomodating us when asked to make 2 separate stops, great service, great guy Dave

Ken U.

12-31-2016 - it was our couples night out, great limo, great sound and light system. Thanks Dave

Frank G.

12-28-2016 - Thank-you Dave for the safe and great limo service. Dave took us to Higgs Beach, Key West where we were married today, Dave even ran the camera for us and recorded the entire wedding ceremony, then on to our wedding dinner at A&B lobster with friends. Thank-you Dave for the part you and your limo played in making our wedding and evening possible

Chuck G.

12-19-16 - It was a good time! Great driver! Merry Christmas!

Joanne F.

12-19-16 - We chose AAA Limousine to go to a concert, the driver was friendly and professional and arrived on time (even a bit early) to our location as well as to the other passengers we picked up. The limo was very clean and equipped with a sound system that accommodates an iPod so we could listen to our favorite music, and had some very cool lights. The service was second to none and we would definitely choose AAA Limousine again.

Debra V.S.

11-28-2016 - the limo arrived a few minutes early, which we appreciated as there was quite a bit of luggage and packages for the seven of us. We arrived at Key West airport with plenty of time to check in all our belongings. Thank-you Dave for the great service

Connie B.

11-26-2016 - our couples night out in Key West, we had cocktails and a fun time in the limo ride to Key West, nice lights and great sound system. Dave and limo were right there on time to pick us up for the ride home. Thanks Dave

Dana S.

11-19-2016 - Dave picked us up right on time, the limo was very clean and smelled good. We partied in Key West until the wee hours and appreciated our safe ride home again. We will certainly use Dave again

Nicky G.

9-8-16 - My experience with AAA limo was amazing! The driver was on time, professional, and on it! The sound system was to die for and the Limo itself was very clean and comfortable! I will most definitely be making AAA Limo my go to for all my event transportation needs. Thanks, AAA Limo!

Luanne P.

8-27-16 - Dave was excellent!! We had a great time, the limo was very nice. He showed up right on time and was very accommodating to us. I will definitely book again in the future!!

Melissa G.

8-24-16 - Dave was easy to work with and fast response time. He was extremely flexible and out going. Made it a great day.

Jaimie R.

8-15-16 - Being a business owner you worry about every little detail which is why I trust my executive transportation needs to Dave at AAA Limousine Service. They always arrive before the scheduled pick up time with a well-maintained vehicle. Both my customers and I always have nice things to say about their drivers and I've found them to be the best value when it comes to executive transportation. I highly recommend AAA Limousine!

Bill O.

8-8-16 - My dad arranged for AAA Limousine for my junior prom with my girl friends and words cannot describe how nice it was. We were able to hook up our music to play our songs with the limousine audio system as we jammed all around town. Our driver held the door for us at every stop and was always very nice. He dropped us off and picked us up on time right where we needed him to be. Thank you, AAA Limousine for making my prom special.

Chrissey O.

8-1-16 - Riding in a Limousine is all about having fun and making sure you are well taken care of and AAA Limousine does just that! Dave and his team have taken us to many football and basketball events and we always had a great time. They are wonderful drivers in busy traffic, always know the best places to park and get us in and out quickly. They took the worries and hassles out of going to busy ball games so we could just enjoy the game!

Tom N.